Peach Pie

love. loss. memory.


Peach Pie is a new independent film written, directed and filmed by Roberto Mighty, Starring Robin JaVonne Smith; Introducing Jalon; Featuring Kathryn Howell; with Johnny Quinones, Shawn Read and Jacoby. The story is based on a poem by Charles Coe.

The film, a dramatic short, follows one afternoon in the life of a 7-year old boy and his mother, whose untreated mental illness is affecting their lives.

 Still in mourning after their soldier Father/Husband was killed in action, they struggle to cope day-to-day. An intervention by a neighbor - who may have a hidden agenda - leads to an emotional moment.

Peach Pie's principal locations are in Boston's Fort Point Channel arts district, with additional scenes filmed in Cambridge, MA.

Two years ago, Roberto heard Charles read one of his new poems aloud.

“Charles Coe's poem, “Fortress”,  is very short, but powerful. It recounts a single incident in the life of a little boy whose Mother seems to act irrationally. I imagined what would lead up to such a moment, and over a 2-year period, I created backstories, supporting characters, fleshed out the roles of the Mother and Son, and reverse-engineered a 10 year timeline, showing what might have happened in the hours preceding the climax. The story underscores how mental illness often goes undiagnosed and untreated in certain communities. The action mostly takes place in a single afternoon, primarily in the most dramatic room in the house - the kitchen.”

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